Tattoo artist, founder and owner of the premium tattoo club Lucky Style Tattoo.
30 trophies in the world of tattoo conventions.
Wolrd Famous Pro Team.
How to become the best tattoo artist in the world?
Interview with Oleg Shepelenko, a master who is very close to this goal.
Magazine "The flow"
- So you specialize in portraits?
- On color realism.

- How is it that you have no competitors in this direction?
- Of course there are. We have to use some of their chips, gain experience, new approaches. Someone is doing small portraits of ten to fifteen centimeters, and I already put up large, all of the thigh, for example. I remember at the Moscow Convention once won a small black and white portrait, and my color work on two legs took second place, because one of the jury thought that in black and white more details. Although I kind of can two hours to make, and the spent two years.
- You for the classic tattoo?
- I for quality. A tattoo is for life. There are new styles, the same thrash polka. Enters in fashion, passes three-four years and there is no such style. Or dotwork, linework — this tattoo doesn't pass the test of time in a few years from these lines, points nothing. In fact, as in music, a new style and after a while disappears. Even in realism there are subtleties, for example, it is impossible to do a lot of details in a small work, they will melt, merge. You want details, do a great job. Such things come with experience, I also did not understand the difference before. The cool master for me is the one whose work in three years looks like fresh.

- What, from your point of view, is the right way to start a tattoo artist?
- Do not build any illusions — very much and intensively need to work. So in everything in life: in music, in business. Just work hard and everything will come. Revise the work of famous artists in the style that you have chosen, read only about this style. Need a narrow focus, do not look at fashion. Focusing on fashion is a failure.
Experience more than 16 years
I first picked up a tattoo machine at 16.
In 2010, I won my first Tattoo Battle within the city. That was a great incentive for me to develop and win at the largest Tattoo Conventions.
For 4 years, from 2012 to 2017, he lived and worked in New York (USA).
The owner of the largest premium tattoo shop in Russia - Lucky Style Tattoo.
World Famous Pro Team
Since 2012 I am a member of the world famous Tattoo Masters Team - "World Famous Pro Team". I became the first Russian tattoo artist to receive a sponsorship offer from Lou Rubino, founder and owner of the World Famouse Tattoo Ink company. At the moment, the team includes more than 200 top and world-renowned masters around the world!
In 2012, my personal set of tattoo ink was released - "Oleg Shepelenko realism color ink set", which was created and developed together with"World Famous".
Phone numbers
+7 928 229 30 30
+7 863 229 30 30

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