More than 16 years of experience, many years of work in America and a great desire for perfection helped me to achieve high quality of my tattoo works.
Portrait tattoo
The most difficult thing in a portrait tattoo is to convey 100% similarity with the original image.
It is very important that the photo was originally high quality: contrast, clear and high resolution.
Black and gray tattoo
The technique of drawing black and gray tattoo different from colour. And it takes less time than color tattoo sessions.
Child tattoo portrait
My favorite direction in a tattoo is a portrait of a child. The most sincere and vivid feelings are shown by children. You will never regret a tattoo if you make a portrait of your child.
Detailing in color tattoo
Large tattoos
A large amount of time and effort is spent on tattoo work performed on the back, torso or completely clogged sleeves.
Make a color tattoo in realism on the back or completely sleeve will take 12 to 15 sessions.
Perform a black and white tattoo in realism on the back or completely score a sleeve-from 8 to 10 sessions.
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